Michael Jackson Passionate Celebs Profile

Michael Jackson Passionate Celebs Profile

Michael Jackson Pictures, Wall Papers, Photos and Profile
An well known american musician and people called him as "king of Pop". Michael Jackson is one of the famous and well known celebrity all around the world. Even the people who have been living in the rural areas can easily identify this famous celebrity. He has been attracted all the ages of people in the world.

His personal profile

  • Birth Name Michael Joseph JacksonBorn August 29,1958
  • Birth Place Gary,Indiana
  • Occupation Singer,Musician,Dancer
  • Instruments Vocals,piano,guitar,Beat-box
  • Best Albums Thriller (1982),Off the wall (1979),Bad(1987),Dangerous (1991),History(1995)
  • Techniques found by him in dance Robot and Moon walk
  • Died June 25,2009
Michael Jackson had made his first debut in the year 1964 as lead singer and youngest
member of Jackson5. His achievements were recorded as a "Most Successful Entertainer all the time" in the Guiness World Records. He had received 23 Grammy awards and 16 American Music awards(24 solo artist awards,including("Artist of the century")).
Not only, he made the records in the music. And also he made records in his music sales.
His music were sold out for 750 million. No artist had done this sales records in world history.
He had donated huge amount of money for many charities and homes in the world.
Among the well known celebs,he had donated nearly 300 million dollars and also own
"Heal World Foundation".
He had Suffered severly from cardiac problem for long days.
The Great Musician died at the age of 50 in Los angeles at California.
No musician or people can compete this music legend in the world.
His death will be a great loss for the music lovers all around the world.
Celebs News
December 12,2009 - U.S. Recording Academy announced the lifetime achievement Grammy award for our unbeatable celeb Michael Jackson.
December 14 2009 - We can analyze that people cant forget our celeb michael by these type of
contest in united kingdom. This article was published in BBC 3 as the topic
"Move like Michael Jackson". The performers will have to show their dancing performance before Choreographer "Lavelle Smith Junior" who worked with our celeb for twenty years and dance casting agent " Mark Summers".
December 15 2009 - Article published in "The Washington Post" that the Twitter had released a collection of top trend topics on the services for 2009. In that topic,under great people
category,our celebrity Michael Jackson and his death was the topic,discussed by the most of the
people in the leading social network Twitter.
Rolling stone :The famous book related with Michael Jackson's life "The King of Pop" after the sudden death of our celeb Michael on June 25th 2009. You can view the 100 rare photographs of Michael Jackson in this book. Rolling stone tells you about the famous album like "thriller" and also his last album "bad". People can order your books on rollingstone.com.
Top Celebrity Stories of 2009 - Our Celeb sudden death and the album "this is it" have been selected as one of the top celebrity stories of 2009.
December 29,2009 - FBI had doubted: Michael Jackson had received death treats.

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